Wir tanzen u. a.:

* = Tänze, die die Montagsgruppe unserer Fortgeschrittenen tanzt

= Tänze, die die Mittwochsgruppe unserer Fortgeschrittenen tanzt

Die Langjährigen tanzen alle Tänze

fett = neu bei uns


2 Lane Highway*+

A Double Whiskey*

A Girl Like You 

A Tale To Tell*                                      

A Woman Like You


AF en AF

All Day Long

All The King's Horses*


American Kids*+

Another Crazy Year

Another Song

Askin' Questions

Baby Belle*+

Back To The Country*

Beer For My Horses*+

Better Days*+

Beautiful Madness (Gallagher)

Bitter Sweet

Black Coffee*+

Bonaparte's Retreat*+

Booze Cruise*+


Bring On The Good Times*+

Cabo San Lucas*+

Canadian Stomp*+

Cards On The Table*

Carnival Ride

Caroling Carolina

Cash Back*+

Catch The Rain

Chasing Down A Good Time*+


Chosen Family

City Of Music



Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights*+

Come Dance With Me*+

Come On Down


Corn Don't Grow*+

Country 2 Step*+

Country Walkin'*+


Crank It To 10

Crazy Song*+

Damn Drunk*+

Dance On Sunday

Day Of The Dead

Diamonds In A Whiskey Glass

Dig Your Heels*

Dim The Lights

Disappearing Tail Lights*+

Dixie Girl*


Do A Little Life

Doctor, Doctor*+

Don't Ask

Don't Let Her Be Gone*

Don't Shut Me Down*

Drink, Swear, Steal  & Lie


Electric Slide*+

Faithful Soul

Fallen Wings

Farmer's Wife

Fire & Lace

Friends For Ten

Galway Girls*+

Get Down The Fiddle*

Get In Or Get Out*

Get To You

Gypsy Queen*

Golden Wedding Ring*+

Gone West*+ (O'Reilly/Gallagher)

Good At Tonight

Groovy Love*+

Half Past Tipsy*

Happy, Happy, Happy*

Hayley Jo

Hearts And Flowers*+

His Only Need


Hole Down In My Heart*+


Homeward Bound

I Close My Eyes

I Hope You're Happy

I 've Seen It All*

If You Believe

Irish Boots

Irish Stew*+

Is It Friday Yet?

Islands In The Stream

Jersey Giant*+

Just A Girl*+

Just A Memory 

Kacey's Moon*+

Keep It Simple (Winson/Meessen)

Kinda Like Now

Kiss My Country A

Knee Deep

Knock Off*

Lay Down And Dance

Lay Low*+

Lightning Polka

Like A Fine Wine*+

L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You)

Lips So Close*+

Locklin's Bar

Long Pride*+

Lonely Drum*+

Lonely Girl*+

Lord Help Me*


Louisiana Swing*+

Love Comes Around

Love Is Like

Love Like A Symphony

Love Me In A Field

Lucky Me*+


Mein Herz es brennt

Millie's Tip

Mississippi Countdown


My Pink Bic Lighter

Never Be That Girl

Nothing But You*+

No Trouble

Not Fair*+

OK With Me*+

Oklahoma Wind

Old 97

One More Call*

Open Heart Cowboy*


Patsy Fagan*+

Peace Train

People Are Crazy

Perfect Place*+

Point Of Rescue

Porushka Poranya

Quarter After One

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O*+

Red Staggerwing

Red Wine & High Heels*+




Rhyme Or Reason*+

Ring Ding*


Rock Paper Scissors

Running On High

Safe Haven*

Shouting To The Monsters

Shuttin' Detroit Down

Side By Side*+

Silver Lining

Single Man


Somebody Like You

Something In The Water*+

Speak To The Sky

Stilbaai Charleston*+

Still In Love

Storm And Stone*+




Strong Bounds

Summer Fly*+

Tag On*+

Talk Is Cheap

Tears On A Highway


Tell The World

TH-Guest Ranch

Thanks A Lot*

The Belle Of Liverpool

The Boat To Liverpool*+

The Bull*+ (Barton/Wheatley)

The Gambler*+

The Road Less Travelled

The Trail*+

Til You Can't*

Time To Let Go (I.C.E.)


Turn It On Cowboy

Tush Push*+

Twist & Turns*

Undivided (Ramona Exposito)*+


Wagon Wheel Rock*

Wandering Hearts

Water On The Flames

Waterfall (Leibing)

Waves Of Love*

We Only Live Once*

We Went*+

What Happens Next*

When The Diamonds Fall

When You're Drunk*

Where We've Been

Whiskey On The Shelf*

Wishful Thinking

White Rose*+